The MAC Membership Application

Once you have read through the membership Handbook please answer these questions.  Completing this application does not make you a member, it will begin the membership process as described in the membership handbook.

Personal Information

Your Relationship with Jesus

MAC Support

Closing Comments

By submitting this application I understand I will be examined by the elders and upon their recommendation I may be accepted into the fellowship of believers known as the MAC.

I am in agreement with the Mission, Vision and Statement of Faith of Mansfield Alliance Church, I hereby make the commitment of joining this local church body. I realize that my commitment to this church in no way represents the pathway to salvation. Salvation is wholly a work of God's grace and spirituality is the result of personal relationship in the Lord Jesus Christ.
I understand that God's Word does have a standard of lifestyle and conduct that reflects God's design for his followers to lead lives of moral and ethical integrity. I joyfully join with other believers as a member of the body of Christ internationally and at The MAC to encourage one another in growing devotion to Christ and his Church.
I understand that I am committing myself to be part of a team. A team of believers committed to giving and sharing of their different burdens, passions, gifts and resources, for the purpose of making committed followers of Jesus Christ and finishing the work of extending the gospel to the ends of the Earth.